Developing a Portfolio

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Continuously evolving the Personal Development Plan is part of the assessment of the pro­gramme. It includes tools for the self-assessment of skills and competencies, an action plan to establish three SMART actions per fellow to reach needs:

Specific, Measurable, Action-ori­ented, Realistic, and Time-oriented.

Skills, competencies and experiences are documented in a portfolio, making development visible.


Please follow these steps:


  What to do? Download



Reflection of your competencies and skills:

- What are my strengths? How can I further develop them? How can I give proof of them?

- What are my weaknesses and how would you improve them?

Define the most important questions for your further development, for example: I need my international network to become more visible to others. How can I work on this?






Action Plan

How will you further develop these competencies or skills?

Specify your next steps: Specific, Measurable, Action-ori­ented, Realistic, and Time-oriented

Portfolio Document your development in your personal portfolio.

- What skills and competencies did you improve?
- How can I give proof of these competencies and skills?




For further information please download the presentation given at the Second PLANT FELLOWS Annual Meeting.