Linking and Logo Policy PLANT FELLOWS

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We are very pleased that you wish to place a link to our web page on your site. We reserve the right to withdraw our permission at any time. Permission is granted on condition that the following rules are observed:

The link must point to the home page of the PLANT FELLOWS website.

In exceptional cases, the link may point to another, specifically designated page of the PLANT FELLOWS website. This requires prior written approval.

The contracting party must ensure that the PLANT FELLOWS website is reloaded in full each time the link is selected, and that it is displayed in its own window, not in a frame on the target page.

The contracting party shall inform the PLANT FELLOWS programme office that the link has been inserted, or that the target page has been installed on a Web server, by sending an e-mail message to within 24 hours of setting the link.

This message must contain the path (URL) via which the Web page containing the link can be accessed.


Separate, explicit permission must be obtained if you wish to use the PLANT FELLOWS logo.

The symbols of the logo system cannot be modified or altered in any way and the logo must be reproduced in official colors.

Available only on special request.

Please contact the programme office.


Exceptions to these policies must be approved in advance by the PLANT FELLOWS programme office.

These policies may be revised as deemed necessary.