Application Portal is closed

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The PLANT FELLOWS guide for applicants provides you key information about the application process. You may also want to see our web pages on About the programme and How to apply as well as Downloads, there you will find all supporting documents for the application process.

The PLANT FELLOWS programme office provides the following obligatory word templates:
• Template for the research proposal
• Template for the personal development plan
• Template for the letters of recommendation

Please note that you should strictly follow the structure of these templates.


Save these templates on your local disk and fill out the forms. You may use text-editing programs other than MS Word to complete the templates. However, the structure must respect the format specified in the templates. Note all completed word templates must be converted to a PDF (portable document format) prior uploading. If you need to, you can download a free PDF-maker here: PDF Creator

Please note that the filenames should not contain whitespaces.

For example the filename "my doctoral degree.pdf" is not safe to use, rather use "my_doctoral_degree.pdf".


Different sections of the templates as well as the text boxes of the online application form have a specified maximum length. You must keep your application with these limits! Take special care not to exceed the word count limits imposed on certain fields. Your application cannot be submitted as “complete” with those limits exceeded.

Moreover, wrong or missing information may cause your proposal to be ineligible.

An application can only be formally considered when all supporting documents and templates have been received. Once you have filled in all required (*) fields and submitted the application form with the “Submit” box ticked, you will no longer be able to modify your application. However, a printable summary of the entire application will be displayed for your reference upon final submission.

For a preview of the online application form click here.


The application portal for the fourth call has closed on 31 March 2014 at 17.00.00 Zurich local time



Data protection statement
We take your privacy very seriously and will not pass your details to any third party without your permission (other than where we are required to do so by regulation). We need the information in the templates as well as in the online application form in order to process your application and to complete our fellow records if you are offered a fellowship. If you are not being considered for a fellowship your application will be kept on file for up to 1 year. For data protection purposes, incomplete applications will be deleted after three months of inactivity.