Personal Development Plan

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PLANT FELLOWS requires that a personal development plan (PDP) is established for each fellow as a crucial part of the application and that it is continuously up-dated and practically implemented.

This plan will act as a reference for the fellow herself/himself to monitor the competencies, skills and experiences needed for reaching full professional maturity in academics or beyond and take corrective action when necessary. The personal development plan will also help to explore different career pathways.

For an understanding of skills and competences expected at different stages of a research career, please refer to Vitae®, © 2010 Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC): Researcher Development Framework

Annual evaluations of the personal development plan will be conducted by at least two persons: the principal investigator at the host organisation and the mentor. These discussions with senior researchers will help the fellow to match her/his career options with her/his skills and abilities and further improve them.

The personal development plan is part of the assessment for the Programme Certification (= workload of 40 hours). At the end of the training programme the personal development plan needs to be evaluated and accepted through the PLANT FELLOWS Training Programme Board.

The Personal Development Plan (PDP) helps the fellow to