Mentoring and Career Development

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The key to a well reflected decision for academia or beyond
In the mentoring experts from academia or industry share their experiences with the fellows. They offer guidance in understanding key factors for research careers in the highly competitive international landscape but also to move jobs between academia and industry and provide orientation during a critical phase.
How can successful mentoring take off?
The mentoring is a mutual relationship. The focus is on developing the career of the mentee, e.g. through insight into the work experience of the mentor.The mentee and the mentor will focus on the PDP. The fellow has defined three important questions that should have priority.
The mentor supports the fellow in defining an action plan and action points that they will work on together.
We suggest that mentor and mentee define their “modus operandi”in a formal mentoring agreement, i.e how many times per year they will meet (we suggest one time per year), how they will arrange their meetings (Skype meetings are absolutely agreeable) and how the agenda will be scheduled.