Training Courses at the Host Organisations

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Courses offered by the PLANT FELLOWS programme are completed by affiliated continuous education courses at the host organisations.


Overall criteria for accrediting courses in the training certification are:

  • -   Courses are designed for the post-doctoral level
  • -   Course accomplishment is reported as working load
  • -   Courses have clearly defined learning objectives that are matching the matrix of EQF-skills
  •     and competencies of the Vitae RDF framework, stage 2 or higher
  • -   Courses are lectured by accepted internal or external experts in continuing education or
  •     postgraduate teaching (experience in teaching on PhD or Post-doctoral level)
  • -   Course in any other language than English provide in minimum a translation of course title
  •     and of learning objectives (based on EQF domain descriptors of VITAE RDF framework)
  • -   Language courses are not accepted within the certification


Only transferable skill offers are shown. Technical skills (A1 Knowledge base, max. 6 course days) can be visited based on individual needs.

All course suggestions have been evaluated by the PLANT FELLOWS Training Board for acceptance in the course catalogue and for the accrediting in the PLANT FELLOWS Programme Certification.


Detailed course catalogue (updated on 24/02/2015)


University of Zurich (currently open for all PLANT FELLOWS if places are available)

+10 course days per annum for example in project management, negotiation and conflict management:

  • - Success in negotiation and conflict resolution
  • - Successful fund acquisition for researchers
  • - Leadership skills for postdocs
  • - Successful proposal writing for researchers
  • - Project management for successful postdocs

- Didactica: Teaching styles, Teaching techniques

University of Basel (currently open only for fellows of U Basel)

+14 course days per annum for example in conflict management, project management and in communication:

  • - Successful Fund Acquisition for PostDocs
  • - The Messenger is the Message: Presentation Training Video
  • - Bring Your Science to the People: Media Strategies and Skills
  • - Make the most out of your Science - Patenting and Spin-Off
  •   Workshop
  • - Research Integrity - Optimize Your Scientific Pictures Faithfully
  • - Project Management for Researchers
  • - How to Become a Good Supervisor

- Beyond the PhD - Plan and Prepare Outside Academia

ETH Zurich (currently only open for fellows of ETH Zurich or U Zurich)

+10 courses days per annum for example in facilitating meetings and project management:

  • - Project Management for Research - Methods and Tools
  • - Project Management - Enhanced Skills
  • - Time Management
  • - Facilitating Meetings and Workshops

- Career Planning Workshop

University of Stirling         (currently open only for fellows of U Stirling)

+10 courses days per annum for example in data management, media training, management of a research budget, systematic innovation and creative thinking:

  • - LFHE Aurora Programme
  • - The Stepping Stones Programme: part of the Stirling Gender
  •   Equality Initiative
  • - Influencing skills: managing relationships with colleagues, bosses
  •   and PIs
  • - Embedding impact in Research 
  • - Systematic Innovation and Creative thinking
  • - CV Writing
  • - Preparing Successful fellowship applications (Science based)
  • - Writing Retreat 
  • - Successful bidding for Research Funding
  • - Understanding searching techniques

- How to Manage a Research Budget

University of Cologne       (currently open only for fellows of U Cologne)

+12 course days per annum for example in problem-solving strategies, advanced teaching competencies and negotiation skills:

  • - Academic Career Planning
  • - Networking Skills
  • - Self Management for Researchers
  • - Creative Thinking
  • - Teaching Style
  • - Teaching Techniques
  • - Science Communication
  • - Leadership in Teaching
  • - Negotiation Techniques (Harvard-Concept)
Institute of Botany (ASCR) Technical skill courses (Domain A1) can be attended at leading Czech Universities in Prague (Charles University), České Budějovice (University of South Bohemia) and in Brno (Masaryk University).
Umeå Plant Science Center Seminars, workshops and courses are arranged on a regular basis on different technologies used in plant research (Domain A1).
GMI Vienna

+10 course days per annum for example in project management, people and time management:

  • - GMI Career Days
  • - Project management
  • - Grant writing

- Leadership skills